A Shirt Box Full of Songs: The Autobiography

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Because I work in the public eye, I want somewhere away from it.

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It's good for a relationship. When my first two sons were very little, I used to take them with me. Then when my eldest started school, I tried to work in the holidays. Perhaps surprisingly, her husband and sons have not read her book. Barbara says this is because they know all her stories already. She says: "I don't have any massive revelations! I didn't even give my friends copies. It seemed a bit arrogant.

I've only given a copy to one or two people who helped me with it.

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Although her story is for the most part uplifting, she also deals with some of the more difficult periods of her life. She writes about the stage-fright and exhaustion which affected her for about 15 years. It started when she "died" on stage, forgetting her lines when another cast member made a wrong move. She says: "He came on stage doing something that completely threw me. Everybody just stands there and it's terrifying. I'd never had an experience like that.

I used to be sick, and I had a rash right across my chest. It was an absolute blind terror.


I used to panic, have sweats and cough. I was exhausted. I became ill, and I couldn't eat or sleep.

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I didn't want to go back into theatre. There was nothing I could take — I just had to keep at it. I see my career as a vocation.

Barbara Dickson - To Each And Everyone (The Songs Of Gerry Rafferty)

It's part of my soul, and I can't give that up. I've never been very sure of myself. My dad was very shy, and my mother was an outgoing Liverpudlian. I'm right down the middle. Like most women, she admits to often feeling insecure about her appearance. As a skinny teenager, she tried exercises to make her legs less beanpole-like.

She also refused to be photographed wearing her glasses for many years. She says: "When you're in the public eye you have the services of hairdressers and makeup artists. But I've looked at photos and thought it doesn't look like me. Although her career has now lasted more than 40 years, she still plans to keep writing songs and performing. She was due to make an informal appearance at the Queen's Hall last night, alongside her old friend Archie Fisher. She will then be returning to Dunfermline on Monday, to speak about her book at the Carnegie Hall.

A Shirt Box Full of Songs: The Autobiography

In between she will be relaxing with her family, walking in the Botanic Gardens and shopping in Harvey Nichols. She says she dreams about coming back to Edinburgh, and would love to buy a house in Trinity, overlooking the Forth. She says: "The lovely thing about Edinburgh is I can just bus into town and go to galleries, museums and the ballet. It's very beautiful and I love the New Town. I can see myself back here. I've never put down roots in England. Share this article. Publisher: Headline Hardbacks , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

Synopsis About this title Unusual book "synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title. About the Author : Barbara Dickson was brought up in Dunfermline but soon moved to Edinburgh to follow her musical dream. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title.

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