Caring Lessons, A Nursing Professors Journey of Faith and Self

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Students of abnormal psychology and the art of diagnosis will benefit from this useful and readable text. As one who teaches Introduction to Psychopathology to beginning clinical psychology doctoral students in a faith-based program, I am consistently searching for tools to assist in the process of integration. I was summarily impressed with the first edition of this book, having used it for several years. I am excited to endorse this second edition, which brings the text up to date with current diagnostic organization and nomenclature in the DSM The authors make integration explicit, sharing connections between historical faith traditions, current faith practices and understanding, and the latest scientific evidence from psychopathology.

They outline general frameworks for understanding psychopathology from scriptural, pastoral, and scientific lenses. They then move to nuanced exploration of specific groupings of disorders, maintaining this multiple-lens approach. This allows for the reader to consider pathology from various perspectives and begin the process of integration. I have not found a better tool for assisting students with integration around issues of psychopathology.

I highly recommend this text. The authors deal masterfully with the thorny and complex problem of the relationship between sin and psychopathology as well as the related issue of responsibility. This book combines the best and most recent advances in the understanding of psychopathology with the richness of Christian thought on human suffering, helping to create a vision for a Christian response that moves beyond symptom reduction to flourishing. I highly recommend this book to pastors and therapists seeking to more thoughtfully address human brokenness in all its varieties.

A comprehensive Christian perspective on abnormal psychology. This book is grounded, insightful, biblical, practical, accessible—and long overdue. Everyone interested in exploring psychopathology from a Christian worldview will relish reading this updated edition of the book.

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However, no other volume takes into consideration the centuries-old tradition of the treatment of the mentally ill by priests and pastors as well as carefully thought-out applied theologies relating sin to human frailty. When these considerations are combined with a definitive survey of contemporary theory and research, we have a seminal volume that will be a standard for years to come. I cannot think of a volume that better balances tradition with practice. This work offers a well-reasoned rapprochement that takes seriously the long tradition of pastoral care and counseling within the church as well as the increasing body of knowledge being amassed in the biopsychosocial sciences.

By sharing you experience, Ajit, you have also given us an excellent teaching! Anne February 22, Reply. I am 18 years old and I grew up as a Presbyterian Christian. I went to church every Sunday as a child with my siblings and my mother. Though I went to Church, I felt it was just something people did and there was nothing else to it. I did not really understand it, so I lived most of my life not understanding who God really was.

Growing up, my home started becoming broken.

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I had been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety at the age of 12 and I never thought anything of it. I had very few friends, no hobbies, and no desire to do practically anything. I went with one of my best friends and we went because of the activities that were offered there ice skating, hiking, rock climbing , I had no interest in the worship part of the trip.

I had no idea what that meant but I just went with it. I was immediately filled with this powerful warmth and pressure in my chest, and I started bawling crying. I had no idea what was going on there were others who had the same thing happen to them at the same time as me. This was my awakening to God. Years passed and I had kept my relationship with God, but over time it seemed to have been incredibly distant.

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I stopped thinking about Him for a while. The past two years, I completely, and unknowingly, separated myself from God. It was possibly the worst two years of my life. I am in my Senior Year of high school now and I had another awakening. This winter has been especially hard for me academically, socially, and mentally.

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The song that I pressed not to mention by accident was the song that the band had played that significant night. I started to feel that warm feeling in my chest again. It was a really cloudy day and I was just looking out of the window enjoying the song. My chest became so warm and I was so overjoyed that my toes were tingling. That very second I knew that the face I saw was Him. Since then, all I could think about was Him. I am now able to hear Him in my own thoughts and I can feel in my chest whether something is right or not.

I physically feel him with me all the time. Martin March 6, Reply. It sounds to me as if God is reminding you of the divine presence. God is with us whether or not we are aware of it. Sometimes we have to open our hearts. Sometimes, as in your first case, the divine spirit just comes in without an invitation.

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Our lives have many ups and downs. It is difficult, but then most important, to be aware during the dismal times that God is with us, loves us, and is available to guide us. You are receiving direct guidance and here a further challenge comes in — the challenge of spiritual discernment.

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It takes careful attention to recognize and correct interpret the divine signals. It sounds as if you are doing a good job of that. Raymond February 7, Reply. I just have to relate this to someone and this seems as good a place as any. A line in the song says something about sitting in a bar talking about Gods Grace. Within 5 seconds of hearing those words, I was absolutely struck by sadness, fear, confusion, and a massive burden in my heart.

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I started crying which I very seldom do and could not figure out what was happening. Within 30 or 40 seconds I instinctively fell to my knees in my office sobbing and begging for forgiveness. I kneeled there for probably 5 minutes before trying to get up in case someone came in. So here I am relating this. Martin February 17, Reply. This is good news, Raymond. There was, as you put it, a massive burden in your heart. It is a deeply spiritual, grace-filled moment when you feel the sadness, fear, and confusion caused by that burden. It is indeed a moment for falling to your feet and pouring out your heart to God.

That opened your heart to hearing, or feeling, the divine voice. Of course, you are blown away. Your story blows me away. Bless you for sharing!

Jacob Slaven December 14, Reply. I am 14 years old, and I live in a small town. Every night, I would go outside in my backyard to get away from the struggles of life, and just observe the vast universe God has created. That week, one of the two friends I had mentioned, his grandmother past away.