Fear Not: Untying the Knot of Fear

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Help us re-weave the broken bonds that lead to loneliness and isolation. Mary, undoer of knots, help us untie the knots of dispossession and loss of identity that are destroying the aboriginal people of my land. Mary, undoer of knots, help us untie the knot of consumerism that distorts our desire for God and for each other. It appears that the Holy Father has unleashed a renewal of devotion to the Mother of God greater than even Bl. JP II could have imagined. Considering the first thing he did on the day after his election was to visit and venerate her holy icon, it seems like his leading by example is really catching on.

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John, help me out a bit: 1. I also think that you maybe reading too much into the "model" statement by imposing the Mediatrix pronouncement. But anxiety can be understood from other angles as well:. Anxiety is likely inherited. Several people in my family are well acquainted with it, and my anxiety was most likely passed onto me. Anxiety easily stems from unreasonably high expectations.

These can come in external your boss! Anxiety can creep up on you. Anxiety manifests in both psychic and somatic forms. These are just fancy Greek terms for the mind and body.

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It can also permeate our bodies. This is most evident in a panic attack. Here are some suggestions that I have — tactics that have helped me:. Talk with family members. It can be very beneficial to reflect on your experiences with anxiety in conversation with family members who may share your struggle. This type of introspection can be invaluable in identifying specific things in you that can trigger anxiety waves.

Let your friends help you. A true friend is a powerful balm when coping with our weaknesses.

Untying the Knots of the Heart

This definitely applies to anxiety go read Proverbs ! Take a multifaceted approach. While anti-anxiety medicine can help us cope, it often needs to be paired with other things, like counselling. It should involve—as my doctor reminds me—exercise and good body care. It may require an adjusted rhythm of work and rest.

Paul urges us not to be anxious in anything, but in prayer with thanksgiving to let our requests be known to God Philippians Acting out of revenge or the need to punish their spouse guarantees lifelong repercussions. Even those who have had experience in the divorce arena or have had contact with lawyers suddenly realize how unprepared they are to recount their entire lives to a total stranger.

As they become increasingly involved in a bitter fray, it is even more shocking to learn that their spouses have also revealed intimate details about their habits, sexual preferences, financial practices, or other indulgences, and idiosyncrasies that they practiced in the privacy of what was once the marital home. During the process of divorce, in addition to the legalities, people often leave a trail of misery in their wake — children, friends, and colleagues who will have definite reactions and judgments.

The trick to having a good divorce is to accept the situation as irrevocable, sort out the true friends who lend support, ignore those who decide to judge you harshly, and, with the help of those loyal friends, family, a competent lawyer, and perhaps therapy, to work toward turning an ugly situation into a happy ending.

Taking steps to end a marriage is one of the most difficult decisions anyone can make. All the negative and destructive emotions people feel during the separation, negotiations, and court appearances are normal. Understanding these emotions at the beginning allows people to move beyond them to more rational thinking as the process evolves. Finding happiness and contentment after divorce is also a process.

Untie the knot of your worrying mind

It is important that people understand that millions have gone through what they are going through and it is tough going. With the right attitude and perspective, even if that means cutting off from those who judge negatively or those who have sided with the enemy, it is not only possible but probable that life will be better — with or without another husband, wife, or partner. When people choose the magic date to begin the dance of death, it is always premeditated. Though people often claim they were shocked to learn their spouse wanted a divorce, most had slipped into a routine where fighting, lack of communication, living separate lives, estrangement, and an absence of sexual relations became the normal components of their marriages.

The moment of truth in any marriage is in some ways like the moment when the matador in the bullring stops his dance, ceases taunting and menacing the bull, and takes his sword to go in for the kill. For the matador, it is the passion for the sport and the adulation of the crowd that drives him to a flawless finish.

Anything less than perfection and the matador is injured, killed, or humiliated. But unlike the moment of truth in a bullring, there is never a swift, clean kill to break up a home. Everyone is curious about the travails of others. When celebrities divorce, details of the breakup are far more newsworthy than their marriages were.

Shoe-string theory: Science shows why shoelaces come untied

Even when noncelebrities divorce, the particulars about the process are a source of local and family gossip. Witnessing the unfolding of a divorce from the safety of an intact marriage is much like slowing down to gape at the gory remnants of a car accident. Grateful they are not the ones lying on the road, people still know, somewhere in the backs of their minds, that they are neither immune to nor exempt from becoming victims and ultimately statistics. Statistics gathered in by the American Bar Association show that one out of two marriages ends in divorce. According to those figures, it is safe to say that marriage is a failing institution.

If you add the married couples who live apart, for which there are no reliable statistics, those battling it out in divorce court who have not yet become statistics, litigants who opt for a quick divorce in the Dominican Republic or Haiti, or couples who simply live together in misery for economic, religious, or social reasons, the marriage failure rate must be far in excess of 50 percent.

Yet marriage endures. People recite their vows every day. Not believing in marriage is acceptable.

Untying the Knots That Bind Us

Not believing in love is tantamount to not believing in the Easter Bunny. Love is life. Marriage is an institution. Some people, however, question the wisdom of living their lives in an institution. Yet for the majority of people throughout the world, the culmination of love, falling in love, being in love, is marriage.

There are many who claim that when they fell in love they were thinking with their hearts or other portions of their anatomy rather than their heads. They talk about love at first sight, having been overtaken by emotions that provoked myriad sentiments, how lust and attraction overcame them and they simply succumbed to those feelings. Others claim that their decision to marry was not governed by hormones or sentiments.

Those people insist that they entered into marriage after much thought and decision, based on loneliness, habit, financial security, compatibility, procreation, the formation of a family unit, the education and nurturing of children, the legitimization of sexual relations, a public declaration of love, or the desire to obtain citizenship or tax benefits.

All kinds of people marry and all kinds of people marry for different reasons.

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Christie Brinkley is the supermodel who was married to Billy Joel. Most recently, she was the focus of an ugly divorce from Peter Cook. Her middle husband was Richard Taubman, whom she married on December 22, , in Telluride, Colorado. Their marriage ceremony was near where, according to press reports, they were both in a helicopter crash in March of that same year.

For Brinkley and Taubman, their marriage was based on having survived what could have been a deadly accident. Taubman proposed while Brinkley was still married to Billy Joel. Brinkley and Taubman married, had a son, and less than a year into the marriage, they divorced.

The media explained that they had met at the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs, where both were determined to expiate their respective demons. Fortensky had been ordered there by the court after a conviction for drunk driving. Their worlds spun at different corners of the universe. Whatever anyone says about Taylor, when it comes to marriage, she is an optimist. Famous, infamous, ordinary, rich, or poor, people who marry can be divided into three categories: optimists, pessimists, and pragmatists.