Reflective Meditaions: Understanding My Boundaries

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Creating boundaries that are too bendy is often common for women. Boundaries that let us have a different radius depending on the situation or person can also help you maintain enough energy to care for yourself. We all deal with complex feelings when life happens.

Consciousness, self-consciousness, and meditation

This could be as simple as talking openly to friends and family. But vulnerability and oversharing are different. Shared vulnerability brings people closer together over time. Oversharing, on the other hand, can use drama to manipulate, hold another person emotionally hostage, or force the relationship in one direction.

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Learning this difference is also a critical part of setting and communicating boundaries. Boundaries are a deeply personal choice and vary from one person to the next, and we shape them throughout our lives.

And we may change our own boundaries over the years as we mature and our perspective shifts. One standard cannot hold for all.

Transform Your Boundaries - Moment of Reflection

Rather, each person needs to find that level of comfort within themselves. She offers the following examples. Your instincts can help you determine when someone is violating your boundaries or when you need to set one up.

1 Necessity of self-reflection

Maybe you clench your fists when your roommate borrows your new coat, for example. Or you tighten your jaw when your relatives ask about your dating life. Your boundaries also relate to your moral philosophy, Baksh says.

1 Necessity of self-reflection

He recommends identifying 10 important values. Then narrow that list to five, or even three. Have you ever felt out of place or exhausted because of someone else? Assertive language is clear and nonnegotiable, without blaming or threatening the recipient. If someone asks for your number or to dance, you can absolutely just say no. If a co-worker asks you to cover their shift, you can also say no, without offering any excuse.

You can also set boundaries for your stuff, physical and emotional spaces, and your time and energy without necessarily announcing it, too. New research shows we should take time to tune out. One study reports that just the expectation that we should be available to answer work email during nonwork time frames can decrease our well-being and create conflict in our relationships.

So set boundaries for work-life balance whenever you can. Our tech spaces are also an increasing area of boundary-crossing concern in romantic partnerships. Technology has quickly paved the way for an invasion of privacy and control. More than half of respondents in a recent survey reported that communication technology was used in their intimate relationships as a means to monitor or manipulate.

As an adult, you have the right to secure your personal tech and accounts and keep your messages private. Communicating boundaries with new partners about our digital devices is a habit we must all start developing. The following modules are being offered one last time as a weekly class series. You must register for all three the first time participating. Refresher Students Graduates can revisit any module as a single classes or as a whole series.

Use your password to View Scheduled Topics. Awakening the Shaman — module 5. Based on the theory of CBT, we put together a guide to help you weed…. Ever feel anxious, depressed, or just plain bad without knowing exactly why? One useful tool to get to the root of lingering negative feelings — and…. Taking care of someone with depression can be challenging. Learn how to set boundaries to help protect your physical and mental health.

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Reflective meditation

How to build your own personal and emotional space. We can set boundaries for our personal space sexuality emotions and thoughts stuff or possessions time and energy culture, religion, and ethics. Understand the nuts and bolts of boundaries. TMI red flags posting personal rants and attacks on social media no filter or regard to who gets a download of daily dramas sharing personal details with new people in hopes of hurrying the friendship along dominated, one-sided conversations expecting on-call emotional therapy from friends and family.

Determine your borders by examining your rights and needs. Basic rights I have a right to say no without feeling guilty.

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  • I have a right to be treated with respect. I have a right to make my needs as important as others. I have a right to be accepting of my mistakes and failures. Become a boundary-setting boss. Effective communication Ineffective communication I feel violated when you read my journal because I value privacy.

    What I need is a space that I know is private to record my thoughts. Keep your hands off my journal! I feel overwhelmed when every minute of our vacation is planned.