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Organizations that set up shop at Biopolis participate in relationships with government agencies, venture capital firms, global pharmaceutical companies, academic research labs, and other institutions. They also partake of shared resources. Singapore is just one of several countries hosting focused factories; companies that want to leverage their existing patents and intellectual property—say, in wireless technology, precision manufacturing, or clean technology—might also look to Finland and Denmark. Emerging economies such as Chile and Vietnam have focused factories as well.

The brute force model is an innovation version of the law of large numbers. By applying massive amounts of low-cost labor and capital to a portfolio of innovation opportunities, countries most obviously China and India, but also Brazil hope that a huge quantity of ideas from a substantial number of talented people will eventually yield valuable discoveries. The Chinese Politburo has set itself the concrete goal of turning China into an innovation-driven country by To that end, China has chosen 10 of its leading universities to receive extra funding in order to achieve world-class status.

It is noteworthy that Chinese institutions of higher education doubled in number, from 2, to 4,, between and The goal is to churn out well-educated specialists in every area of science and technology. By churning out well-educated scientists, China will become the next hub of brute force innovation. The Chinese automobile industry offers a glimpse of the brute force model in action. Thanks to an outpouring of educated innovators from Chinese universities, there are now an estimated 50 car companies in China, producing a Precambrian explosion of new business models and automobile designs.

Many of these companies will fail, but some may prove to be world-beaters. China offers innovation advantages to other kinds of companies, as well. Microsoft, for instance, recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Beijing research center. The company has found that the center allows it to tap expert and junior Chinese talent at a comparatively low price.

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Microsoft supports the work of top Chinese academics some of its scientists are also part-time faculty members at Chinese universities such as Tsinghua, Fudan, Beida, and Jiao Tong and encourages researchers to publish their work and participate in academic conferences. It also funds projects selected by the National Research Fund of China. In return for all this, Microsoft can gain access to a trove of IP and build invaluable collaborative relationships.

Firms considering the brute force model will need to establish long-term relationships with local universities, venture incubators, trade associations, and other potential partners. Service providers that target the entrepreneurial community—such as specialty consultants, professional-services firms, and venture capitalists—may also wish to find ways to set up research operations in countries offering plenty of brute force. In the s, Silicon Valley pioneered this law to excellent effect. Today, urban centers as diverse as Bangalore, Helsinki, and Toronto have adopted a Hollyworld model.

Entire countries are also moving in this direction. The country is doing this by partnering the best graduates of its Indian Institutes of Technology with Indians who have trained at such universities as Stanford, MIT, and Cambridge and are now thriving in Western economies. Indian entrepreneurs who have already made their mark in Silicon Valley are now cementing commercial ties to their homeland in globalized technology enterprises. Moreover, India is now managing the talent pools of other countries as part of its global strategy.

As the country moves up the innovation chain, some of the early-stage work originally done there is migrating elsewhere.

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Tata, for example, now outsources some of its IT development assignments to Chile and Ecuador and in acquired a Chilean financial-services back-office outsourcing firm. By exporting its own back-office work, Tata has been able to move up the value chain. Another country that is adopting this model successfully is Singapore, where Hollyworld and the focused factory meet. Singapore is willing to generously fund life-sciences graduate students—regardless of nationality—providing that they maintain a suitable grade point average and return to Singapore for the equivalent of national service.

In this way, the country will enlarge its overall population of the creative class. Several countries have developed end-to-end innovation systems combining stewardship mechanisms, funding bodies, research institutions, and structures for business and academic collaboration, all in support of an overall national strategy. Faced with an economic near-death experience, the country decided to focus on education, science, and technology and to improve its innovation capability.

Today, Finland enjoys a well-run innovation system benefiting from strong governmental stewardship. Sitra subsidizes a variety of initiatives that have included user-centered design, new kinds of health care services, food and nutrition, and energy conservation. The university also has ambitious plans to foster research in specific areas, such as technology that promotes health, wellness, and quality of life for the elderly. Small countries like Finland are self-contained environments. The moment you land there, you meet relevant players and have the opportunity to set up important alliances.

In a way, such an ecosystem is akin to the Japanese keiretsu, with its shared purpose, common managerial culture, and intricate web of financial connections.

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Word can quickly spread about your deficiencies as a potential partner. The tight interweaving of elements in an innovation ecosystem and the many informal connections among the players also mean that an incorrect approach can lock you out, perhaps for good. Mickey 90th anniversary watch, better than original My 10yr old daughter had the original Gizmo Gadget watch for 3 years and we absolutely loved it.

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Yes it does! Landlines and other carriers.

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