The Red King: Star Trek: Titan Book Two (Star Trek: The Next Generation 2)

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Endeavour and the U. Sagittarius as they explore the Taurus Reach. Unlike Vanguard, the series will not follow a serialized storyline, but will be more stand-alone in its approach.

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Set approximately 5 years after the end of Star Trek Voyager, these novels feature characters from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and other Star Trek iterations, working together in a galaxy-spanning storyline. The adventures of the agents of Department of Temporal Investigations, who monitor and try to prevent time-travel manipulations. This book also included a complete checklist of all the novels, and a chronological timeline of when all those novels were set in Star Trek continuity.

The Amazing Stories compiled a series of Star Trek short stories which had originally appeared in the magazine Amazing Stories in the late s. Star Trek — The Reading List This is a comprehensive listing of professionally published Star Trek fiction — novels and short-story collections. Novelizations by Alan Dean Foster of all 22 animated series [] episodes, in 10 volumes.

Murdock Nebraska Author! Bennett and others Compilation of 6 shorter works originally published as eBooks. Block and Terry J. Steven and Christina F. Coleman and Randall N. DeCandido, J. Steven Kurtz and Christina F. Bennett, Michael A. Coleman, Randall N. Steven Kurtz, Christina F. Bick, Keith R. Gallagher and Martin R. John Harriman] David R. George III I. Bennett The Collectors [ebook] [] Christopher L. Bennett Timelock [ebook] [] Christopher L. Taylor, ed. Novelizations by James Blish of 77 of the 79 original live-action series [] episodes, 12 volumes. Star Trek Log 1. Michael Simon - Science Fiction / Science Fiction & Fantasy: Books

Star Trek Log 2. Star Trek Log 3. Star Trek Log 4. Star Trek Log 5.

Early pre-“Pocket” Star Trek fiction: 1968-1984

Star Trek Log 6. Star Trek Log 7. Star Trek Log 8. Star Trek Reader above. Margaret Wander Bonanno, Christopher L. Allegiance in Exile []. The Weight of Worlds []. The Folded World [].

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The Shocks of Adversity []. No Time Like the Past [].

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Serpents in the Garden []. Foul Deeds Will Rise []. Savage Trade []. Crisis of Consciousness []. Child of Two Worlds []. The Latter Fire []. Elusive Salvation [].

Legacies, Book I: Captain to Captain []. Face of the Unknown []. The Fall: The Crimson Shadow []. The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms []. The Light Fantastic []. Takedown []. Headlong Flight []. Typhon Pact: Brinkmanship. Department of Temporal Investigations: The Collectors. Prey: Book One: Hell's Heart. Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn.

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Lust's Latinum Lost and Found. Paula M. Seekers: Second Nature. Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night. The Returned, Part I. Hearts and Minds. The Stuff of Dreams. Seekers: All That's Left. Typhon Pact 4: Paths of Disharmony. Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures. Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within. Typhon Pact 3: Rough Beasts of Empire. The Eternal Tide. Typhon Pact 1: Zero Sum Game. Original Sin.

Vanguard: Storming Heaven.

No Time Like the Past. Greg Cox.