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Shipping can move us forward.

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And, for every ship, there is a counter-ship. At its worst, it can unravel beyond diplomatic discourse. What these fans forget, especially the younger ones who were born into the age of the World Wide Web, is that this kind of passionate discourse and real-time interaction is relatively new and not to be taken for granted.

Consider the fans whose best option was to use a home VCR to create a piece of fan art and snail mail their work to other fans. These days, shipping is no longer relegated to only fictional work. Shippers named Camren root for pop-singer Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui both former members of pop group Fifth Harmony to get together.

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That has to mean something, right? Campaigns for the coupling of singer Janelle Monae and actress Tessa Thompson were so vigorous that Thompson had no choice but to address them on her Thor: Ragnarok home release press tour. Each October, members of the Phandom celebrate the exact date the two met in person for the first time. Artists have artistically rendered the two kissing in photo booths, canoodling in Playboy Bunny get-ups and even holding their hypothetical newborn. Creating a quasi-fictional version of themselves that heavily relies on their likeness , shippers are starting to insert themselves into their OTPs through art, fiction, or even just a quirky ship name.

People are playing with their own identity in ways that are healthy. Has it come full circle? Now you can skip Keith or Lance and put yourself into that darkened elevator.

The Sweet Science, Fringe 2017

Shipping is evolving. So go ahead — crush on. Push boundaries with your own shipped couples. The Sweet Science of Shipping. Maggie Owens Jun 29, Maggie Owens. They then paired off, wearing protective gear, to practice sparring or attacking punch bags with determination. For me it was an occasion for reflection.

I had always recoiled from boxing, regarding it as a gory exercise in testosterone-fueled aggression. To my great surprise, however, I began to see it in a different light, as creative, skillful and almost balletic. Apparently those who really understand boxing know that while it can be brutal, it also combines finesse and strategy.

The way the fighters dance to avoid being hit, whilst simultaneously planning one move ahead of their adversary, was a true art form. I never knew until I began researching this story that boxing is known as the Sweet Science. This phrase, coined in by British sportswriter Pierce Egan, described boxers as tough, forward thinking and tactical. His techniques included side-stepping, ducking, weaving, blocking and in general avoiding being hit.

His book, The Art of Boxing, became the bible for every subsequent boxer. In addition to his writing, Mendoza became an authority figure giving public demonstrations and teaching. He opened two academies of boxing where visitors would pay to see him spar or take a private lesson. He also established and performed in shadow boxing events at prestigious venues such as the Lyceum Theatre in London and others throughout the country.

He was nationally accepted as an honorable man. He changed the image of the weak and defenseless Jew into someone who won respect. A second UK boxer, closer to home, is a distant cousin of my husband.

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These are just two examples of how boys from poor backgrounds could, through boxing, rise through the ranks and elevate their status. He is not interested in just teaching kids how to throw punches — instead he wants them to grow to respect themselves and others, regardless of their background.

This extraordinary man is on a mission. He has a day job as a security guard, but several times a week he runs the gym, without recompense, giving of himself to everyone who comes. His satisfaction is evident. Maybe it's the sport itself.

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Maybe it's what boxing teaches us about life. Maybe it's how everyone to a certain extent identifies with being a fighter in life. After 45 years of being the Stalworth in boxing programming, HBO's exit, having thrown in the towel, illustrates how much the competition has eaten away at HBO's market share. When you systematically reduce rights fees little by little, year over year and force promoters to bring bigger fights elsewhere, you're allowing your competition to get a leg up. It took time, but Showtime kept chipping away and showed its continued support of the sport becoming the top premium cable player.

A polarizing figure in the sport, Haymon should be credited with not only keeping the sport from receiving a KO blow but should be looked at as a true disruptor of the industry.

"Sweet Science" Best of Boxing [Boxing Motivation]

His model for PBC and investment in the sport is starting to show dividends. Anthony Joshua arrives at Wembley Stadium, London. Over the top media services OTT. For those of you that aren't familiar with this new broadcasting term, over the top is a term used to refer to content providers that distribute streaming media as a standalone product directly to viewers over the Internet, bypassing telecommunications, multichannel television, and broadcast television platforms that traditionally act as a controller or distributor of such content. No sport has embraced the over the top programming more than boxing.

Boxing has embraced OTT programming and is thriving because of it. Over the past decade, all you would hear from boxing promoters is how the networks, primarily HBO and Showtime are simply not paying the rights fees they were paying in years past. Rights fees and TV dates were a promoter's lifeblood.